The Source is a weekly newsletter for T-Mobile sales associates. Previously, sales associates would skim the articles without understanding the full scope, timeline, or how to position with consumers. Incorrectly executed offers forced customers to call into Customer Care to get credits applied to their account, and resulted in less brand loyalty.

My Role:

I was brought on as a full time designer to the Source communication team to increase engagement and make articles more appealing to the millennial salesforce. 

Skills and Tools:

User research, visiting stores to speak with sales associates about how they receive information, and what they need to do their job efficiently. 
Persona development to present new methods to leadership.
Photoshop and Illustrator to execute designs.


Sales Associate

Works in a high volume store juggling multiple customers and must learn the latest information quickly. He prefers to learn by doing and often gets information through peers. Because the store is busy, he’s often distracted while reading articles on the laptop at the sales counter. 

Ages 18-30

Main goal: to position offers to customers to sell products and services

Reads The Source on the loud salesfloor or gets information from manager.

Store Manager

As the manager of a store, she has to train employees and keep up with the latest announcements. She manages inventory, price cards, and other tasks for the entire store. Must delegate tasks and ensure that they get completed. She often works in the backroom to read email and complete operational tasks.

Ages 25-40

Main goal: to operate store, and set employees up for success

Reads The Source on a desktop computer in a quiet environment, and must disseminate information to team.

District Manager

He travels frequently throughout his assigned region, visiting stores and directing initiatives. Doesn’t have a desk or office,  so he reads articles on his smartphone while traveling. He needs to keep track of numbers, such as how much stores are selling, and how offers are performing in his region. 

Ages 30-50

Main goal: to manage stores in the region, keep sales numbers up, and assist as needed.

Reads The Source on his phone while traveling.


To help distracted sales associates and traveling District Managers, we condensed the most important information onto tiles that are easily viewable on a phone or desktop. 

Including images of the devices creates instant recognition of the products and helps sales associates keep track of which offers are happening with the 20-30 phones offered in each store. 

Articles are ordered by which is most likely to drive sales, and is launching in the next week. Each tile features a title, including the date, and a one line description of what the article is about. District Managers may not have time to read entire articles on their phone, so this allows them to see what the dates are as well as the specific pricing. 

Black Friday 2016

Internal website redesign

In August 2016, we launched a new version of the internal website, C2, for Sales and Care team members. A new featured banner places the most important article at the top of the page to ensure sales associates have the latest information. Below are seven spaces for articles, that allow for prioritization of communications based on leadership guidance.

On this project, I guided the developers on project requirements needed for the Sales version of C2, as well as designed assets for the website.

Black Friday 2016 Offers

On Black Friday 2016, T-Mobile launched competitive offers to drive customer acquisition. Graphics following T-Mobile’s Future Mobile brand styles used digits, patterns, and highlight boxes to create hierarchy and emphasize the digital and technology side of the company. 

Black Friday 2016 was one of the company’s largest days of customer acquisition. 

Skills and Tools used:

Photoshop, Illustrator.